Disbanded Kingdom – Now Available in Print, EBook and Audio

go site 21st century coming-of-age story set against the emotive backdrop of the UK’s breakaway from the EU and its threatened rupture with Scotland.

tamoxifen buy online Publication date: 21 June 2018

Author: Polis Loizou

ISBN (HB): 978-0-9954657-9-4


Twenty-two-year-old Oscar is a lost cause. He roams central London, looking for love and distraction. But this isn’t quite Bright Lights, Big City: Oscar is gay but feels disconnected from London’s gay scene. He is naive and rootless, an emotionally stunted young man who lives in upscale Kensington with his foster mother, novelist Charlotte Fontaine.

But all of this changes when Oscar meets Tim, Charlotte’s thirty-something literary agent with whom he becomes hopelessly infatuated. While he struggles to understand Tim’s politics and his rejection of religion, Oscar’s developing friendship with Tim affects a profound change in the young man, making him want to understand the world and his place in it.

Publication date: 21 June 2018

Author: Polis Loizou

ISBN (PB): 978-0-9954657-9-4


  1. Cloud Lodge Books

    “Loizou’s supple prose excels at vivid London scene-scapes and sharp social commentary…A richly observed portrait of Britain’s young and feckless.” –Kirkus Reviews

  2. Cloud Lodge Books

    “Fasten your seat-belts. It’s going to be a bumpy read. A real page- turner. Polis Loizou is a new name to watch out for.” –Jane Harris, award winning author of Gillespie and I

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