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Chuck Caruso, 19th-century Americanist and Edgar Allan Poe scholar. As an author of dark genre fiction, Caruso’s horror tales have been published in Cemetery Dance, Shroud, and Dark Discoveries, among other print magazines and anthologies. His western noir tales have been published by The Big Adios, Shotgun Honey, Flash Fiction Offensive, The Western Online and Fires on the Plain. His first novel The Lawn Job won the Independent Publisher Award for Best Regional Fiction. Caruso lives in Seattle, Washington.

Latest Books

  • Disbanded Kingdom

    Disbanded Kingdom – Longlisted for The Polari First Book Prize 2019 – Now Available in Print, EBook and Audio

  • Jerusalem Ablaze

    Jerusalem Ablaze – Shortlisted for The Polari First Book Prize 2017 – Now Available in Print, EBook and Audio

  • Pilgrim Tale – Now Available in Print and EBook

  • The Death of Baseball – Now Available in Print and EBook

  • The Lawn Job – 2018 IPPY AWARDS WINNER – BEST REGIONAL FICTION -Now Available in Print, EBook and Audio

  • The Meaning of Blood – Now Available in Print, EBook, and Audiobook

Buy viagra super active, Where can you buy genuine viagra online

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